We create beautiful and convenient online stores that are easy to maintain, refine and scale. Lots of cases, integration with CRM and ERP systems.

*The picture above shows the town of Namche Bazar near Mount Everest. This town is the main trade artery in the region. People from surrounding settlements walk up to 10 days one way to get to the local market to buy and sell goods. Now imagine how many days of life we will save you and your customers with creating an effective online store.


Today, the market is full of various online stores, marketplaces, selling landing pages etc. It is extremely difficult to compete in such an environment using ready-made solutions. Our team understands very well that the key to the success of a modern online store is individuality and a systematic approach. Your store needs to be better from the start to compete successfully, and we will ensure that.


Developing a website is only part of the success. It is also necessary to ensure its work and promotion. That is why it is very important to lay the foundation for the future development of the project from the very beginning.

First, we get to know the customer's product and analyze the market. We define the features and strengths of the product. We offer the most optimal solution for its presentation and implementation.

Secondly, we conduct an audit of the company's business processes for readiness for online sales. We indicate vulnerable places. We advise on the organization of accounting, sales and logistics processes.


As known, about 70% of information a person receives using vision. A beautiful and harmonious picture provides a very powerful initial level of interest and trust in the Internet resource. The task of our design is to awaken a feeling of coziness and harmony, to interest the user in further familiarization with the product. Our websites subtly and unobtrusively respond to user actions. These interactive little things distinguish high-level websites from ordinary ones.

The interface of the online store should be convenient and intuitive. The navigation elements are projected in the usual places for similar websites. Also, we ensure the minimum number of steps between the selection of the product and placing the order, which significantly simplifies the purchase process.


In a highly competitive environment, we cannot allow our projects to be like all the other websites on the market. The specialty of our studio is the individual development of unique functions specifically for your business. We make stores convenient for independent administration. The websites we develop are complete and self-sufficient, but at the same time, they are designed for further refinement and upgrading.

As the main CMS for online stores, we chose the OpenCart system with our author's improvements and solutions. In fact, we use OpenCart as a framework, the basis for further development. Our products are not inferior in quality and speed to frameworks such as Laravel and other platforms such as Magento or Shopify.


An online store is one of the many stages of product realization on the way to the end user. We provide website integration with different ERP systems for updating product stock and prices, exchanging orders and customers. We connect the website with delivery services and payment systems.

We create mechanisms for exporting goods to Google Merchant and many popular marketplaces.


We know what a significant challenge for the client is maintaining the wabsite and planning its further development. That is why our studio advises customers before, during and after the project. Our websites have an infinity warranty, provided that access to the site code is restricted to third parties. We perceive our customers as partners, and demonstrate our attitude in the quality of our work.

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