Landing pages, business card sites

Landing pages, business card sites

We create landing pages and business card websites for maximum conversions. We develop value propositions intelligently.

*The picture above shows the airport in the city of Lukla, which meets most travelers on their way to Mount Everest. This is a unique aircraft landing area, and at the same time one of the business cards of Nepal. In the same way, landing and business cards websites should carefully meet visitors and give unforgettable impressions.


A landing page is a one-page website with long content that is convenient to scroll through, while receiving information in the right order. Interaction with the landing should lead to the purchase of a product or to filling out a contact form for further processing by company managers.

Based on our experience, a single-page landing is often not enough. Sometimes pages for news or articles, individual pages for products or services should be added separately. Even modern business card sites usually have a nice and long main page, which should interest the user for further study of the website. So the line between landing pages and business card websites is essentially very conditional, which is why we often combine these two approaches.

We also occasionally use a landing page as a home page for corporate websites and online stores. A separate blog article can also be designed very professionally and play the role of a landing page for medium or low-frequency queries.


To start working on a landing page or business card website, we define goals and objectives, model the final result, analyze competitors and the audience. Next, we move on to creating a script that will guide the user through the site to our goal. We form competent value propositions with a call to action.


The design of the landing page or the main page of the business card website should be exciting, interesting and lead along the content to the point of contact. In fact, the first impression of the landing page will most likely be the last one, so we configure our projects for effective contact at first glance.

For a better effect in our designs, we use videos, interactive elements, blocks with descriptions of benefits and advantages, reviews of previous customers. We plan and test user behavior scenarios on the page.


We create sites with a convenient administrative panel for easy content editing if necessary.

We synchronize the landing page with CRM and e-mail distribution services. We install support chats, chatbots, behavior tracking systems and analytics.


We adjust conversions, work with analytics data. If necessary, we make adjustments and improve the results.

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