Web Applications & Services

Web Applications & Services

We create web services and applications for special tasks.


Web services and web applications are large-scale projects with specific tasks. It can also be separate components of the website with special functions. The category of web services and applications includes: marketplaces, B2B portals, data aggregators, reservation systems, etc. Creating a web service has certain peculiarities, because there are no ready-made solutions for such tasks, and we have to design and develop an application from a blank sheet.


Web services are unique products that are created to optimize certain processes, that is, to improve the lives and save the time of users. Working on such projects is always interesting. And the experience of working on previous applications helps us in the design and implementation of each subsequent one.

Actually, service development is our specialty. After receiving a task, we are inspired by its beauty and expediency, analyze ways of implementation, choose the optimal plan of action and finally create an effective and useful product.


We follow a certain strategy while working on the design of web applications. Each application is a new product, the like of which the user hasn't seen before. Therefore, our primary task is to imperceptibly teach the user how to interact with this service. Ideally, this is when the user opens the interface and immediately intuitively understands the sequence of his further actions. For this, on the one hand, we use the most obvious and familiar control elements, and on the other hand, we guide the user "by the hand", emphasizing with the help of interactive elements and prompts. A minimum of unnecessary and a maximum of useful and convenient data.


We create unique solutions that are thoughtful and flexible in their ability to develop and scale.

We integrate the application with all necessary APIs, CRM, ERP and other systems. We are writing our own API for external access.


We create turnkey web services, configure, test and launch them. We write extensive documentation and conduct the required number of consultations regarding application administration. We provide reliable and timely web service support. We analyze the dynamics of the application, advise on further refinement.

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