Kaliber ammunition production

Kaliber ammunition production

Year 2023
Service UI/UX Design, Admin system, Back end, Front end

The Kaliber company is a Ukrainian manufacturer of high-precision cartridges for hunting and sports shooting. It manufactures its products on the best European equipment using high-quality materials.

The task was to create a presentation landing website for one of the company's products. The goal was to present the product, highlight its quality and selectivity in order to attract new partners for cooperation.

Kaliber ammunition production
Kaliber ammunition production
Kaliber ammunition production
Kaliber ammunition production


The site interacts with the user actively but succinctly. Starting from the moment the first screen is loaded, and throughout the entire scrolling, individual elements of the site demonstrate sophisticated animation. Each block with content smoothly appears and just as smoothly disappears while scrolling the page, blueprints are drawn, diagrams are filled.

The three-dimensional model of the product deserves special attention. This is not an ordinary video, but a full-fledged 3D model that is generated directly on the web page in real time using WebGL technology and the Three.js library. This model also responds to scrolling and changes the camera angle depending on its own position on the page.

3D animation


The Kaliber company produces high-quality products aimed at very demanding customers for whom quality is life.

The main task for us while working on this landing page was to create an image of the company's product on a par with the best Swiss watches. The site emphasizes such features of the company as attention to detail, accuracy and technological efficiency. Landing gives the user a feeling of confidence and reliability, which perfectly describes the mood during direct use of the company's products.

As a sword is an extension of the hand of a skilled warrior, this website is a manifestation of the company's professionalism and expertise.

This is one of those projects that we wanted to make special. That's how the interactive three-dimensional model of the cartridge was born, as well as many other details that distinguish this website among similar representatives of the arms market. We are grateful to the customer for the excellent preparation of materials and wishes, as well as for the warm feedback after the obtained result. Focus Style Studio always strives to see the beauty of your business and convey it to your audience.

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